Preklad slova it is up to you z angličtiny do slovenčiny
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 it is up to you


 's (is)

 's a (is a)

 a storm is brewing

 abeyance, the law is in

 about this year (There is a lot of flu)

 accent is on spoken language (the ...)

 action is inconsistent with (the ...)

 air is raw

 all is

 all is clear

 All is eaten

 all is well that ends well

 all that glitters is not gold

 all you need is a bit of cheek

 an example of this (is)

 An idea or topic on which a psychological operation is based

 an internal matter is involved

 and now he is drunk

 and that is

 and what is more

 apparent that (it is ..)

 applicant is advised that

 application is pending

 army is the fundamental unit of strategical manoeuvre

 Artillery whose primary task is to provide fire requested by the supported unit

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